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About Us

Outside the Box Creative was started in Perth by husband wife team Nick & Carolyn Verhoef.

After nearly 10 years in business with Outside the Box Organisation Solutions, Organising and Life Purpose Coaching they have turned their creative minds to a new adventure, Outside the Box Creative.

“Our mission is to bring original new stories to iPad and other media in a way that enlivens the senses for people of all ages.”

“We hope to bring you many wonderful stories and artistry through our stories, authors and artists. Our outside the box view of how to interact and create is what we love about our work.”

Nick has worked in the IT industry for over 20years. An avid learner of innovation, he has always had a passion for digital animation, drawing and computer gaming. For most of her life Carolyn has been expressing her creativity through dance, scrapbooking and other craft. Carolyn was first place winner of the inaugural Sydney Royal Easter Shows Scrapbooking award and overall craft judges choice award.

Now Carolyn is an Accredited Belly Dance from the Heart Teacher and has created unique techniques to help women open up to their creativity and passion. Blending the unique skills as an Organising Life Purpose Coach and Belly Dance teacher Carolyn created Shy Girls Belly Dance Program. You can find more information about all her programs at Outside the Box Solutions.

Nick and Carolyn will celebrate their 30th Anniversary in 2017 together they find creativity through walking in nature, snorkeling, listening to music and all kinds of science fiction.